School hubs: How to share files with groups of trainees

You can share filled-out forms, completed assignments, parts of the Student’s Profile, session notes, and sequences made in Sequence Wiz, as well as any¬†other pdf, audio, video, and sound files with specific groups of trainees.

First, create your file in Sequence Wiz and export it to your computer. You can export the following files:

You can also export filled-out forms.

To share your Sequence Wiz file (or any other file) with all trainees, go to MY PROFILE > SCHOOL > Samples / Examples.

Here you can add files by dragging and dropping them. Afterward, you can assign files to specific programs.

To assign a file to program(s), click on the CHANGE PROGRAMS button.

Select the programs you would like to assign this file to and click on the CHANGE button.

Now only the students assigned to this particular program will be able to view this file.

If you wish to store files for later use in one or more programs, you can create a separate program and call it Storage for YTT2023, for example. Then, as the program goes on, you can gradually share those files by moving them into YTT2023.

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