School Hubs for trainees of yoga therapy schools

With School Hubs on Sequence Wiz, you can easily make and exchange sequences, forms, assignments, and other files with your yoga therapy schools.


As a School Trainee, you can GET ACCESS TO

  • Custom form from your school (liability, intake, feedback, assessment, etc.) for you to modify or use as your own with your yoga students
  • Unique yoga sequences designed by your mentors for you to study, analyze, use, or customize
  • Assignments to direct your studies and test your knowledge
  • Any other audio, video, and sound files to get individual feedback from your school or mentors

As a School Trainee, you can CREATE AND SHARE

  • Student forms to collect information from your students and to submit to your mentors
  • Yoga sequences for yourself and your students to be reviewed by your mentors
  • Student assessments and session notes to demonstrate your work with your yoga clients
  • Any other audio, video, and sound files that you would like to share with your school or mentor


To be able to use the full features of Sequence Wiz School Hubs, you will need to maintain a Sequence Wiz PRO membership (annual or monthly). You will also have access to all features of Sequence Wiz membership, including the Electronic Health Records System, yoga sequence builder, exclusive member content, and Sequence Wiz community.

As a School Trainee, you will also be able to join a PRIVATE DISCUSSION GROUP on the Sequence Wiz community site accessible only to the members of your school.


Becoming a Trainee of a School Hub on Sequence Wiz is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1. Accept an invitation from your School Admin.

Step 2. Set up your PRO membership (after a 14-day free trial)

Step 3. Begin to use your school’s forms, sequences, and assignments and share your own files.


How to set up and use a Trainee Profile on Sequence Wiz

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