View and select poses

To view and select poses open the Poses Window:

  • In a new sequence click on “Tap here to begin” area of the sequence.

  • In an existing sequence: tap anywhere near the pose cards within the sequence.

To close the Poses Window click in the same area again.


You can locate any pose in the Pose Window either by (1) searching by pose name or (2) sorting through pose categories.

1. Finding by pose name

You can always find the pose with English or Sanskrit name. Type the name into Find by text field.

Keep in mind that sometimes poses have different names in different traditions and there are different spelling variations. So it’s best to put fewer letters into the Search field. For example, instead of searching for “Downward facing dog” just enter “dog” and then pick the pose you need. Once you find the pose, drag-and-drop it into your sequence.

2. Sorting by pose categories

  • First choose if you are looking for a pose, technique, mudra or other image.

  • Then select the body position in relation to the ground – Standing, Kneeling (on the knees or hands and knees), Prone (on the stomach), Supine (on the back), Seated, On the side, Inversion, Seated in a chair, Arm balance, Leg balance.

  • Then select the directional movement of the spine – Start (neutral position), Forward bend, Back Bend, Twist, Lateral Bend or Axial Extension (elongation along the spine).

  • Then scroll down to look for your pose (to scroll down, use the wheel on your mouse or move your finger down on your mousepad).

If you don’t find the pose you need, we might have it in a different category than you thought. Widen your search by deselecting one of the categories or search by pose name. (For example, we have Downward facing dog categorized as Kneeling, Axial Extension pose.)


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