2-minute guide to Sequence Wiz

Follow this short video to get started with Sequence Wiz. Quickly add your logo, create a Student Profile, send your student a Form, and make changes to a Form template. For more detailed instructions, check out this longer video >

How to make an Intake form

You can send an Intake Form to your student from their Student Profile. You can create your own completely custom form, or use our form template and adapt it to your needs. To customize the Intake form template, go to Forms in the top menu. Choose Intake Form from the […]

How to conduct a Personalty Assessment

For ancient yogis, chakras were potent energy centers along the main energetic channel of the body (sushumna nadi). This is where the secondary energetic channels (ida and pingala) are said to cross. The intersection of all three major channels creates energy concentrations that affect our functioning. When the energy is […]

How to conduct an Energetic Assessment

As part of a therapeutic assessment, we evaluate the movement of vital energy (prana) throughout the system. Prana is said to be the force that animates all living things. Prana is a manifestation of all energy. As humans, we replenish our prana through food, water, air, and experiences. Once we […]

How to conduct an Ayurvedic Assessment

The Ayurvedic model uses the concepts of qualities (dryness, lightness, heat, density, etc.) and their associated functions (mobility, metabolic activity, stability, etc.) to maintain and restore the individual’s health. According to the Ayurvedic model, those qualities and functions are represented within everyone in certain quantities and are part of our […]