How to Add a New Student

In this video, we will show you how to add a new Student Profile to your account. You will learn how to use an intake form to autofill some sections of Student Profile, how to add forms and documents, how to use our visual tagging system for structural observation, and how to keep records of your sessions with your students.

0:25 How to set up a new Student Profile
0:55 How to add student’s picture
1:20 How to add student’s payments
2:48 How to use General Evaluation form to autofill Main Concerns section
5:30 How to add new forms to Student Profile
5:55 How to add files and documents
7:00 How to add Structural Observation and tag areas of discomfort
8:45 How to add session notes (SOAP notes)
11:07 How to add sequences

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