Print completed form

Once you add your form to your Student profile, send it to your student and your student completes it, you can then view it and print it. To view your student’s answers, click on the title of the form. PRINT button generates a pdf file of the filled out version […]

Get link to form

Once you add your form to your Student profile, you can get a link to to the Form to add it to your email. GET LINK copies the link to the Form. This is useful if your Student’s server bounces emails from us. If this happens, you can simply include […]

Send form to student

Once you add your form to your Student profile, you can email it to your student.   SEND TO CLIENT emails your form to your student. You can change the subject and text of the email. Click SEND when you are ready to email your Form.   Once the student […]

Print blank form and delete form

Once your form is created, you can print a blank version of your form or delete the form from your list of forms. To print a blank form, got to Forms from the top menu and click on Export icon of your form. The system will generate a PDF file […]

Preview Form

Once you add your form to your Student profile, you can preview it. PREVIEW allows you to see what the form looks like to your student.  

Add Form to Student Profile

You can add a Form to a Student Profile and perform the following tasks there. To add Form to Student profile, go to Students from the top menu, select your student and go to Forms tab. Click on the plus sign next to Add form.   A window on the […]

Create new form

To create a new form, go to Forms in the top menu and click on the plus sign next to Add new form. You will be taken to Form Editor. Here you can add your Form name and description, set your welcome screen, add form content and set the final screen. […]

Add new form

Sending forms to your students helps you collect essential information you need to know for safety purposes, like diagnosed conditions, recent surgeries, current medications and treatments, as well as other relevant information about their lives. You can create a brand new form or modify an existing form Template. To add […]

Add goals

You can add goals to set a direction for your work with your students. You can add as many Short-term and Long-term goals as you like. To add goals, go to Goals tab in Student Profile. Add your first goal and briefly describe the yogic tools you intend to use […]

Keep track of payments

You can keep track of payments that each one of your students make. We do not offer payment processing services, but you can simply enter information about payments that you receive via different channels. It is a way to organize your payment information. To enter student payment information, go to […]