How to swap between different versions of any pose

Sequence Wiz contains many different versions of each pose. To swap between different versions of the pose (Pose adaptations) first click on an image within your sequence that you want to change. Then click on Adaptations icon and you will immediately see multiple versions of the same pose. Pick the […]

Delete extra poses

Any time you want to clean up your list of poses and get rid of some, go to Manage poses from your Sequence Wiz homepage. Choose My Poses in the top menu, find the pose that you want to get rid of and click on the cross icon in the […]

Duplicate pose element

To duplicate any element of the pose in Pose editor, select the element you want to duplicate and click on Duplicate tool. Move the duplicated element wherever you like. 

Add your own image

To add your own pose image first select any pose and click on Edit icon. Then select the entire pose and delete it (by clicking Delete on your keyboard). Click on Insert icon and navigate to the location of your image. Select the image and click Open. The image will […]

Add props

To add a prop to your pose first select any pose and click on Edit icon. Then select the Rectangle or Circle tool, choose the outline and fill color (if you want your prop to be a different color) and draw your prop wherever you like. Choose Layer tool to place […]